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The Detroit-based performance ensemble, The Hinterlands, practice a form of ecstatic training which they see as a provocation towards the unknown. The “hinterlands” evokes an unknown space both physical and imaginary whose mystery is its very source of generation and from which true creativity emerges. Their practice is one of ecstatic play, of finding the edge of one’s balance, and the limits of one’s body.


Running time: 39 mins
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Original Format: HD video
Screening Format: DCP
Language/Subtitles: English (Without Dialogue)


Directed by: Julia Yezbick
Camera Operator: Julia Yezbick
Sound Recording and Composition: Julia Yezbick
Edited by: Julia Yezbick
Sound Mix: Ernst Karel
Colorist: Daniel Stuyck (

Richard Newman, Himself
Liza Bielby, Herself
Barney Baggett, Himself

Funding: The Film Study Center
In-kind Support: The Sensory Ethnography Lab and The Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard University
Produced at The Sensory Ethnography Lab

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